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Training Exercises for Heading Techniques

Training Exercises for Heading Techniques

May 27, 2017

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In this soccer video, we demonstrate training exercises to improve heading techniques. There are two key principles to make a great heading technique. The first one is to keep your eyes on the ball. The second key principle is to always hit the ball with your forehead rather than the top of your head.

You can practice the first exercise with a training partner. You can head the ball to each other, back and forth for about five to ten minutes.

Then, to add more realism to your soccer practice, you can switch to a different exercise with a teammate and a goalkeeper. Your teammate can throw the ball at you as you are approaching the net.

When you approach the goal area, you can head the ball and try to score a goal. This replicates real situations that can occur during a soccer match.

The goalie will make it even more realistic by trying to prevent you from scoring. This will elevate the challenge and make the exercise more useful for both the forward and the goalkeeper.

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